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Hand Wash...

  • Trucks, Cars & SUV's $25 to $35

  • Includes vacuum and windows


Hand Wash & Wax...

  • Cars $60

  • Suv's & Trucks $65 to $75

  • Hybrid Ceramic Wax - add $50


Buff & Wax Exterior...

  • Cars $150 to $225

  • SUV's & Trucks $150 to $225


Clean Interior...

  • Cars $125 to $175

  • SUV's & Trucks $150 to $200


Hand Wax & Clean Interior...

  • Cars $165

  • SUV's & Trucks $175 to $200

Motorcycles $200

Headlights Restored $50 to $100


Engine Clean...

  • Cars $25

  • Trucks & SUV's $25


Complete Detail...

  • Cars $200 to $250

  • SUV's & Trucks $225 to $300

NOTE: Complete detail includes:

  • Clean Engine

  • Trunk

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Wheel Wells

  • Exterior Wash

  • Machine Buff

  • Hand Wax

  • Interior

  • Clean Carpet

  • Seats

  • Door Panels

  • Dash

Complete Detail Includes:


Engine, Trunk, Wheels, Tires


Wash, Machine Buff & Hand Wax


Clean Carpets, Seats, Door Panels & Dash



NOTE: All prices are estimates. Exact price will be given when we see the vehicle. All pricing is subject to change without further notice. There are no guarantees of services and/or products. Must approve all services prior to leaving Professional Detail with vehicle. Once vehicle has left our property, agreement of services ends.


There is no guarantee of services and/or cleanliness. Must note any and all discrepancies and/or uncleanliness, prior to leaving location of Professional Detail with staff. Any and all discounts, offers, advertisements, pricing and/or coupons cannot be combined and is subject to change without further notice.

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